Introducing Multi-Language Support

  • cloudControl now supports Java, PHP, Python and Ruby with more to follow
  • Freedom to use public or private PaaS without vendor lock-in
  • The new Pinky stack is now available as Beta for all users

We are extremely excited to announce the upcoming Pinky stack.

With Pinky, cloudControl becomes a polyglot platform, allowing developers more choice in programming languages. Initially, we are providing buildpacks for Java, PHP, Python and Ruby with more languages following soon.

Buildpacks are an open API describing how to prepare different languages or even frameworks for deployment. Fragmentation is a big problem in the maturing PaaS market since although there are multiple open APIs, most are adopted by only one vendor. Strong vendor lock-in is widely perceived as the number one adoption barrier for PaaS.

The buildpack API was originally developed by Heroku and open-sourced to allow the community to easily extend language support. At cloudControl, we always believed that a PaaS solution should adapt to every language ecosystem natively. cloudControl is the first public cloud platform provider to support the buildpack standard in Europe.

This gives enterprises or developers the choice not only to deploy their applications to Heroku's US-based platform or a Stackato-based private PaaS, but also to cloudControl's European datacenters. Having the freedom to deploy the same codebase without changes to different vendors and regions allows to comply with data security regulations or bring workloads closer to users to reduce latency.

By supporting buildpacks cloudControl is supercharging development throughout the complete application lifecycle for even more developers and projects.

We started to provide access to customers who preregistered for the beta and are continuously sending out notifications to more testers to ensure a seamless experience for everyone.

To learn more about how the multi language support works refer to the all new platform documentation or try it out yourself using the guides for Java, Python and Ruby.