IronMQ and IronWorker now available on our Add-on Marketplace

As of today, IronMQ and IronWorker are now generally available and ready for use within the cloudControl platform. Both services are operated by, who provide hosted messaging, background processing, and scheduling services for cloud applications. Most developers spend a lot of time building and managing these infrastructure components on their own. offloads the challenges of maintaining these complex systems, letting developers focus on building great apps that do massive things.


IronMQ is a hosted message queue for orchestrating data and events within cloud applications. Message brokering systems are essential for building applications that need to grow and scale or that need to communicate with other systems. Using a message layer to pass events and data between components means processing can happen asynchronously and that one component doesn't block or throttle another. This translates into more agility, greater scale and increased durability. IronMQ provides a high-performance message queue accessible through a RESTful API and open-standard message protocols. Developers are using IronMQ to process streaming data, connect to mobile apps, orchestrate complex processing flows, sync with legacy systems, and handle many other critical messaging needs.

Adding IronMQ to your App

To add IronMQ, simply run the following command.

 $ cctrlapp APP_NAME/DEP_NAME addon.add iron_mq.OPTION

To learn more about IronMQ, visit the DevCenter or consult the IronMQ page in our documentation.


IronWorker is a cloud-based task queue for offloading front-end tasks, running scheduled jobs, and processing many tasks at once. An increasingly-growing percentage of processing in modern cloud apps takes place in the background. IronWorker provides a massively scalable service to address this huge need. Instead of managing background job queues and dealing with infrastructure concerns, developers can offload this work to IronWorker. Simply create workers, upload them to IronWorker, and run them in the cloud. IronWorker is elastic, so developers can run hundreds, thousands, or even millions of jobs without having to manage a single server. IronWorker is being used to crawl the web, process huge amounts of data, access third-party services, send emails, convert images, and perform the millions of other jobs that are increasingly taking place in the background.

Adding IronWorker to your App

To add IronWorker, simply execute this:

 $ cctrlapp APP_NAME/DEP_NAME addon.add iron_worker.OPTION

To learn more about IronWorker, visit the DevCenter or consult the IronWorker page in our documentation.


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